The Poem That Started It All

This is the poem
that started it all.

by Carla Myers


Pondering, Pondering
The do verses the who
Who am I in You?
What are things I do?
   You smile.
“You,” I hear “are mine.
You glow, reflect and shine.
Your who is me and you
A do do do
You’re who who who
   I made you
      To be."

Smiling, Smiling

Content to be Your who
Nuzzling, Nuzzling
That’s what I like to do
   You smile
Your breath mingles with mine
We glow, reflect and shine
My who is You and me
Te hee hee hee
I’m who who who
   You made me
      To be

Doing, doing
My do becomes my who
Radical obedience
Helps me shine for you
   You smile
Pleased at me for mine
Which mingles with Heaven to shine
We are us and our
Hardee har har
We're who who who
   You made us
      To be

copyright 2004 Carla Myers.  All rights reserved.