Who are we?

About Carla Myers:Carla is a creative, contagious bubble of joy who loves to laugh and sing and "be" herself.  She has worked with children for almost 20 years, nurturing and calling out their greatness in the context of drama and the arts.  Carla taps into the timeless truths expressed by a loving and kind creator in order to release that love and impart identity.  Her passion is to equip and empower a generation with tools to know who they are and how to live abundantly so that they can impact society for the good.  Her stories-in-rhyme release profound concepts in a simple, digestible form and bring a new angle on the concept of Heaven.

You can learn more about Carla at her website.

About Angela Meijer:
Angela is spunky and expressive and free!  She graduated with her fine arts degree in 1997, and since then has been developing her personal expression of image making.  This has combined graphic design, photography, painting, mixed media, collage, and, most recently, DoWho (her first illustration endeavor.)  For the last five years, Angela has facilitated workshops and mentored teenagers on connecting with God through the arts.  As a wife and a full-time mom to three young girls, Angela is passionate about equipping a generation.  She is constantly learning new ways to encourage her girls, and others, in creative play and living life.  Many nights, when the little ones sleep, Angela is found in her studio, exploring new ways to communicate through the visual arts.

You can see more of Angela's art at her website.

Email us at DoWho:  dowho@live.com 

Here's a fun little video of Carla,with her niece, talking about DoWho.

Here's the story of how Angela and Carla met.

Angela and Carla met in 2003 at Bethel Church in Redding, CA, during school of ministry. In 2004, after school, Carla became Preschool Pastor and served Angela’s oldest daughter, Emma, who was a baby.

Angela helped Carla paint a castle mural on the nursery wall, and the two became fast friends. Since then these women have grown into supportive, creative, special sisters who truly enjoy and encourage one another. Angela’s creative eye and artistic talent brought Carla’s stories to life and the two had a wonderful time collaging the illustrations together. Carla has many more stories in rhyme, and the two plan on many more visits to illustrate them.

Carla currently resides in Southern California, and Angela is in Iowa.